CEPA High-speed Centrifuge

Image – CEPA Centrifuge Z101 2
Image – CEPA Centrifuge Z101 2

Product Information

These CEPA centrifuges are designed for rapid cell removal and clarification of fermentation broth and similar liquid-solid mixtures in "clarifying" configurations; or for the separation of two liquids in "separating" configurations. Models range from a small lab unit, through large production-scale systems capable of processing up to 3000 L/hr. All use bottom feed, retain solids in the bowl and expel supernatant from upper tray(s). All wetted surfaces are stainless steel (except optional silicone bottom valve). All floor models feature 3-phase electric motors for rapid acceleration. Basic configurations include one bowl, ancillary equipment, and tools.


  • LE benchtop model laboratory centrifuge: All model LEs feature variable speed and digital tachometer. Recommended for separating 2 – 15 L. Maximum throughput rate of 30 L/h.
  • Z41 floor model centrifuge: Recommended for laboratory or pilot-scale volumes of 20 – 75 L. Maximum throughput rate is 500 L/h.
  • Z61 floor model centrifuge: Recommended for pilot-scale volumes of 30 – 200 L. Maximum throughput rate is 1500 L/h.
  • Z81 production floor model centrifuge: Recommended for pilot and production volumes of 100 – 500 L. Maximum throughput rate is 2000 L/h.
  • Z101 production floor model centrifuge: As powerful as the Z81, and with a 25 % larger cylinder capacity, Z101 is typically used with 150 –  600 L process volumes. Maximum throughput rate is 3000 L/h.