CO2 and LN2 Back-up System

Image – Back-up system
Image – Back-up system

Loss of power is no problem with back-up systems, which are designed to maintain the contents of your freezer at a preset temperature should a power outage arise.

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  • Equipped with a battery back-up to temporarily protect the contents of your freezer in case of power failure
  • Available in either liquid CO2 and LN2. Liquid CO2 can maintain temperatures between -50 °C and -70 °C, where as LN2 can go down to -85 °C
  • Both systems can be factory installed with your freezer order or retrofitted on location
  • Info: CO2 and LN2 are not interchangeable systems
Power supply120 – 220 V, 60 Hz120 – 220 V, 60 Hz120 – 220 V, 60 Hz120 – 220 V, 60 Hz