Eppendorf TCA-3 Temperature Monitor

Image – TCA-3 pod_cable
Image – TCA-3 pod_cable

The TCA-3 Temperature Monitoring System is an independent temperature monitor with alarm, electronic chart recorder, and an autodialer — all incorporated in a compact communication pod. More information

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Eppendorf TCA-3 Temperature Monitoring System is an independent temperature monitoring system for those who require complete 24/7 reliable sample protection. For those that also require alarm notification, chart recorders and autodialers (country dependent) can find all these features incorporated into one small pod that integrates seamlessly to the side of your freezer. This system consists of a certified RTD thermo-probe with pod measuring 6.99 cm W x 12.55 cm D x 3.24 cm H (2.75 in W x 4.94 in D x 1.28 in H) and communicates directly through any standard Ethernet connection without the need for a computer. No additional software is required to view your collected data, all that is needed is an internet browser.

Hassel-free monitoring system for your ULT freezer

The TCA-3 system is a truly independent temperature monitoring platform for your Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. There is absolutely no software to download and you can generate reports and review alarms within minutes. This is the only system that combines a
chart recorder, auto-dialer, alarm system and power monitor into one small pod. In addition,
all the data collected by your TCA-3 system can be viewed from any web based computer,
always keeping you informed.

Eppendorf TCA-3 Temperature Monitor


  • Receive email, voicemail (country dependent), and text alarms (country dependent) if the temperature exceeds desired levels for higher sample safety
  • Quick installation on any freezer regardless of manufacturer for flexible usage
  • View temperature data readings, graphs, and statistics from any web browser for flexible data access
  • Temperature range is from -100 oC to 100 oC