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Eppendorf consumables are the result of over 50 years constant improvement and development. In 1963 a series of innovative consumables products to match all common lab procedures started with the legendary "Eppi". Since then, we have continuously improved workflows and experimental results. Purest assay results are no coincidence. Eppendorf consumables with unique features make every day routines faster, easier, and more reliable. Due to the avoidance of any slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing, the risk of chemical leaching into the sample is minimized. The availabilityof different purity grades is tailored to the various requirements in laboratories. Make sure that you select certified confidence in line with your applications and achieve reliable results every time.
Purity grade
Special feature
Cap type
Purity grade
Nucleic acid preparation
Cultivation of microorganism
Fluorescence/ Luminescence detection
Purity grade

Tailor-made purities for your needs!

Eppendorf has set industry standards in consumable purity levels. Building on the famous Eppendorf Quality, four additional purity grades tailor our consumables to various applicational needs - Biopur, PCR clean, Sterile, Protein-free. They fulfill everything expected of reliable, easy-to-handle consumables. With the aid of high-quality base material and permanent checks during production, original Eppendorf consumables are ideal for many tasks which crop up in the lab.
Combitips Selection Guide

New: Combitips® Selection Guide

Use the Combitips® selection guide to find the right Combitips advanced® for your Multipette®

Eppendorf Purity Grades

Eppendorf Purity Grades

Which are the right purity grades for your application?

Barcode Wizard

Plate Barcode Wizard

Customize your Eppendorf Plates or Eppendorf Deepwell Plates with scannable and human readable barcodes for plate identification and sample traceability.

Eppendorf OEM Solution

Eppendorf OEM Solution

Eppendorf offers a range of OEM Solutions for Eppendorf consumables.

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