The Maxipettor® is a continuously adjustable pipette that works according to the positive displacement principle. Thus the pipette is especially designed for precise pipetting of liquids with high vapor pressure or viscosity. More information

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The large volume pipette for large bottles or tall, narrow vessels
The Maxipettor® is a large volume pipette optimized for work with viscous or high-vapor pressure solutions. It also allows for aspirating liquids from large bottles or tall, narrow vessels when using the Maxitip S system. Its super easy, one-hand operation significantly speeds up pipetting tasks: Simply press down the operating lever to aspirate liquid from the reservoir. Press the lever again and the liquid will be dispensed into your sample vessel.


  • Volume range: 1 mL to 10 mL
  • Fast pipetting and convenient operation due to unique one-hand operation. Liquid automatically aspirates and dispenses by simply pressing the operating lever
  • 4-digit volume display and adjustable in 10 µL increments for accurate volume setting
  • Eppendorf Maxitips P (fig.1) is a syringe-style, positive displacement tip that allows for accurate pipetting of viscous solutions or liquids with high-vapor pressure
  • The Eppendorf Maxitips S system, consisting of the dispensing part (fig.2) and Maxitip (fig.3), is optimized for aspirating liquids from large bottles or tall, narrow vessels
  • The valve for use together with the Maxitips S system ensures drip-free dispensing of volatile solutions

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