Since the first shaker was introduced in 1946, New Brunswick shakers have been the most widely used products in the industry. Manufactured with premium Eppendorf quality, New Brunswick shakers continue to take the lead in virtually all global markets.
Made of the highest-quality materials, with superior design and precision fabrication, we guarantee our shakers will provide worry-free operation for many years to come.
Platform size
Gassing or CO2 control
Photosynthetic light bank
Platform size

Excella shakers

Budget-saving Excella laboratory shakers feature microprocessor-controls for accurate control, and heavy-duty counterbalanced drives for dependable performance. Excella shakers are ideal for price-sensitive labs seeking legendary New Brunswick quality and reliability.

New Brunswick S41i

The only CO2 incubator with a New Brunswick shaker inside. The S41i combines precise temperature and CO2 control with the best laboratory shaker available. Designed for non-adherent cell culture applications, the S41i features sealed inner/outer doors and high-temperature disinfection, while reducing costly CO2 consumption compared to competitor models.

Innova shakers

Top-of-the-line Innova lab shakers feature the Eppendorf triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and superb reliability under the most adverse conditions. Innova temperature-controlled models provide the convenience of programmable controls to automate ramping temperature and speed up and down, and cycling optional photosynthetic and UV lighting on and off at pre-set intervals.
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