New Brunswick™ Excella® E5

New Brunswick™ Excella® E5
New Brunswick™ Excella® E5

Benchtop open air platform shaker for use with interchangeable platforms, clamps, and test tubes More information

Product Information

When built-in temperature control is not needed, Excella open-air shakers are the solution. Ruggedly-built for use on the bench, in an incubator, or in a warm- or cold-room, these shakers are available in three sizes. The Excella microprocessor controlled, heavy-duty counterbalanced drives provide years of continuous, quiet operation. Excella shakers are available with a large selection of accessories to accommodate a wide range of flasks, test tubes and general labware. Like most New Brunswick shakers, Excella platforms, clamps and accessories are interchangable. Microprocessor-controlled E5 accommodates flasks up to 6 L on an 18" × 18" accessory platform.


  • Heavy duty, counterbalanced drive with DC brushless motor and permanently lubricated bearings provide long life and is virtually maintenance-free
  • Self-correcting microprocessor controller automatically compensates for changes in workload and voltage to maintain operator-programmed setpoints
  • Includes an acceleration/deceleration circuit prevents sudden starts & stops
  • Certified. Meets cETL, UL, CSA and CE standards
  • Large, clearly visible 9/16" LED character display presents a menu of function / status readouts including speed, time and self-diagnostic indicators
  • Versatile46 × 46 cm (18 × 18 in) Phenolic resin accessory platform (sold separately) accommodates flasks up to 6 L
  • Agitation: 50 – 400 rpm ±2 rpm
  • 3/4" diameter shaking orbit