The Eppendorf VisioNize system basically consists of two software components, VisioNize-onboard devices, and an easy-to-use hardware integration interface. That builds up a smart network for your lab management. The new VisioNize user interface concept is implemented across the touch interfaces of VisioNize-onboard devices as well as in the software applications VisioNize core and VisioNize go.

Go further. With VisioNize.

The Eppendorf VisioNize system basically consists of two software components and the VisioNize box, an easy-to-use hardware integration interface to connect selected devices. Connectable devices are Eppendorf VisioNize-qualified devices that have to be connected via VisioNize box, and VisioNize-onboard devices that are already equipped with VisioNize functionalities and can be connected directly. Further lab devices can be added manually to VisioNize core with limited functionalities. That builds up a smart network for your lab organization.
VisioNize core is the central data server in the VisioNize system. It´s connected to the lab instruments over your local network. All relevant device information and documents are stored on this data server, which is centrally installed (on premises) in your institution. Device information are routed through your local network infrastructure and safely archived in VisioNize core.
The mobile iOS app VisioNize go allows you to check the current status of your devices when you have left your lab or institution. This feature displays such relevant parameters as temperature and remaining runtime so you can efficiently organize your daily lab routine even if you are not in the lab. That gives you peace of mind, especially for overnight processes.

With VisioNize box you can connect Eppendorf VisioNize-qualified devices to the VisioNize system. The hub works as a data-decoding and translation system and lets you collect device data in VisioNize core. Many of the Eppendorf devices you may have already installed can be upgraded to a connectable instrument and then displayed and monitored using VisioNize core and VisioNize go.