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Multi-well Pipetting Made Easy

Pipette into 384-well plates without the pain
Do you work with 384-well plates and strive for more efficient manual pipetting methods? Your worries are over. Eppendorf's new 16- and 24-channel pipettes and epT.I.P.S.® 384 make working with 384-well plates convenient, ergonomic and safe.

Fill 384 wells within a minute

  • No more mistakes or tedious work due to inconvenient alternate well pipetting with 8- and 12-channel pipettes
  • In just one step: process complete columns or rows with 16- and 24-channel pipettes
  • Set up or validate an automated process manually, and have a back-up system in case automation fails
  • Increase your throughput today and change from 96-well to 384-well plates. There's no reason to hesitate anymore!




Eppendorf 25 mL Tubes!

Sample volumes that are higher than 15 mL but much lower than 50 mL often need to be prepared, centrifuged, mixed, or stored. That’s where this new tube comes in! The latest member of the Eppendorf tube family fills this gap. The new 25 mL tubes are available with a screw cap or an innovative SnapTec™ snap cap. The patented lid solution represents a unique snap cap solution within the conical tubes segment.


  • The same diameter as the 50 mL conical tube but shorter making the insertion depth of the pipette into the tube much lower, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination
  • Shorter tube design saves more than 20 % space during storage in freezer boxes or racks
  • High centrifugation stability up to 17,000 x g
  • Reliable snap cap variant available for single-handed operation and ensures a tight seal
  • Screw cap variant is also available
  • Both screw cap and snap cap options are available in Eppendorf Quality, PCR Clean, and Sterile purity grades




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