Eppendorf PCR Tube Strips


Since 1963, when Eppendorf invented the microcentrifuge tube, Eppendorf tubes® have shown to be reliable companions for your daily work. The Eppendorf PCR Tubes are easy to open, but provide tight sealing to prevent evaporation in PCR. These tubes ensure efficient heat transfer to the sample, thanks to their thin, even wall thickness and smooth wall surface. More information

Eppendorf PCR Tube Strips, 0.1 mL, PCR clean, with Cap Strips, flat (10 × 12 strips) Catalog No. 0030124820
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$ 209.00


  • 8 reaction tubes in strip-format – ideal for small sample volumes
  • Easily adaptable for automation
  • Sealable using flat or domed strip-lids
  • Certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors1)


  • PCR with medium sample throughput
  • real-time PCR (flat caps)

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